Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme can share truly unique experience collected in 29 cities and towns which became partners during these 8 years of cooperation.



Community level: Municipal Support Units (MSU) to mobilise local communities and support their local sustainable development projects created in 29 partner municipalities. Due to MSU activities, over 636 organisations of citizens created primarily in housing and education sector; living conditions of more than 212 thousand urban citizens improved through seed grants to over 294 community projects implemented under cost-sharing principle. 



In total UNDP provided seed funds to support 306 projects aimed at improving local infrastructure and promoting overall sustainable development. The total cost of these projects reached UAH 34.7 mln. These projects directly improved the quality of life for more than 214 thousand people. Programme`s generated experience shows that Association of Co-Owners of Multi-Apartment House (ACMH) is a legal arrangement for citizens’ organisation for ownership, operation and maintenance of created/rehabilitated infrastructures.


Municipal level: Capacity of municipal officials, civil servants and future generation developed (over 13’000 beneficiaries) to widely apply the community-based development approach to local development. Capacity of municipal governance for better service delivery and wide engagement of local communities into decision-making process strengthened through supporting elaboration of Strategic Development Plan for 1 municipality, introduction of quality management system for municipal services in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 for 6 municipalities, improving e-governance through creation of official web-sites to 18 municipalities, etc.


UNDP/MGSDP strengthens East-West cohesion by promoting information and experience exchange among authorities and community-based organisations from cities in Eastern and Western Ukraine. In this regard, the Programme supported 9 exchange visits, including participation of 321 officials (mayors, deputy mayors, and various department heads), representatives of academia and local communities from 20 regions of Ukraine.


In 2010-2012, the Project under SDC support is working out the project of inter-municipal cooperation on solid waste management in Tulchyn Rayon which is unique for Ukraine and once implemented will improve the quality of services related to collection, recycling and disposal of residential solid waste for more than 55 thousand residents of the rayon.


In addition to infrastructure development projects, MGSDP also promoted gender equality and raised awareness on crucial sustainable development issues, HIV/AIDS prevention, human rights, consumer rights, energy efficiency in 12 cities. The Project supported introduction of education for sustainable development at schools in order to prepare future generation with proper attitude towards resources and environment.


National level: National policy dialogue supported through recommendations to the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Municipal Economy of Ukraine on housing reform through associations of co-owners of multi-apartment houses creation and functioning, solid waste management systems in municipalities and role of urban population in separate waste collection; support to the effort of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction on inter-municipal cooperation; e-governance; contribution to Parliamentary Hearings on important agenda of local self-government etc.





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